Sugar Levels Shortages More Dangerous than Sugar Excess

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Nowadays it will be very easy to get the tools used to measure blood sugar levels. Because the tool is a lot to sell in places where the distributor of health equipment. Usually people who check their blood sugar levels are due to diabetes mellitus. That is a disease that makes sugar in high blood. It is rare for pengeluaran togel people to check their sugar content in a low level. When in fact the state of low sugar levels in the body is much more dangerous when compared with the state of excess sugar in the body.

Indeed for the disease of blood sugar deficiency is not as popular as people who are over sugar, but this hypoglycemia also has harmful effects also for the body, some even say the lack of sugar in the blood is much more dangerous when compared with people who are over sugar. Here are some of the dangers caused by blood sugar deficiency or often referred to as hypoglycemia:

1. emergence of heart disease

People with low blood sugar will have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

2. Brain damage to the brain

If the sugar level in a person’s blood becomes low, it should immediately be given something sweet to immediately increase the sugar content, because if it can not trigger the loss of consciousness and ultimately result in damage to the brain. At a time when a person is in a state of lack of sugar in the blood of the supply of glucose to the brain will be reduced and even if in 4 manit the brain does not immediately get the supply of glucose can occur brain dead conditions.

3. Effect caused quickly

When a person lacks sugar in his blood, then he can immediately drop in an instant, and handling must also be fast. In contrast to people whose advantages still have a fairly long time to get the effect.

Once we know the dangers posed due to lack of sugar in the blood, it will be more afdhol again if we know the cause of someone can experience a lack of sugar in the blood:

1. too much insulin released by the pancreas

2. Insulin doses or other drugs that are too high, given to diabetics to reduce sugar levels.

3. abnormalities in the pituitary gland or adrenal gland

4. Adanya abnormalities in the problem of storing carbohydrates or the formation of glucose in the liver.

5. fasting

6. reaction to eating, usually occurs with carbohydrates. Someone who consume carbohydrates will also decrease the sugar in the blood. This substance will instead cause some organs such as the pancreas, day and adrenal glands to lose their ability to process sugar correctly. As a result make your sugar decrease.

7. Because the consequences of having a certain diet that has the rules to reduce kdar sugar in the food consumed.

8. tumor or disruption of liver function will cause the sugar in your blood to decrease.

9. have been doing excessive sports. By the time a person exercises, of course, requires more energy and energy and will usually be partly taken from sugar in your body. if the taker is too large automatically the supply of totojitu sugar will decrease.

After knowing the danger of having low blood sugar levels, from now on should be careful and always keep the sugar condition in normal circumstances.