Does stress slow down the menstrual cycle, which affects the ability to pregnancy conceive and how to reduce stress in life? Today, with the complexity of work in the lives of women and men, there is an unstable tension. There is a perception that stress will slow the ability of couples to have children.

Is stress the cause of infertility? What is the most effective stress remedy in life? Please see the information below to answer the above questions!

The relationship between stress and infertility

There is no evidence that stress is a direct cause of infertility but this is most likely studied. Does stress have a physiological impact and how does it affect conception?

According to scientific research on delayed menstruation in women is also partly because of stress in life but the ability to conceive is not much affected by menstruation. This is highly dependent on the time of ovulation during the menstrual cycle in women.

If you have tried in the last few months but still do not see positive results, it may be frustrating. Do not let that condition subdue you, otherwise it will likely increase to depression and anxiety.

Have you talked to your best friend? He may be in the same problem. Play a little music, the two sisters drink a nice wine to calm the mood. You do not have to stand alone in silence.

The economy has not shown any signs of improvement, so stress is not too surprising. Why not try some of the tips below to be more relaxed!

How to reduce stress effectively


It helps you calm down and also helps with infertility.


Exit the room and do a soft jog and do not overdo it. In addition, do not forget to apply a balanced diet.

Get enough sleep

You need to sleep 8 hours a night and try to sleep a little during the day if possible. You’ll wake up in the mood and be ready to conquer the world or at least this office!

Enjoy the food

Try sitting down and enjoying lunch. This method is more effective than you think.

Eat small meals regularly

In this way, your sugar levels will stabilize and adrenaline will be released slowly.

Drink plenty of water

You know very well the importance of this action, right? Remember to drink plenty of water but do not do while eating.

Blood circulation

Try adding mint, rosemary, basil to food as these foods can help blood circulation.

Rest and do the pitch

Maybe it’s time for you and your husband to get out of the routine for a few days to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

What can we say about Does stress affect the ability to Pregnancy conceive? Hopefully with this article you can better understand whether stress can affect the ability to get pregnant.

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